Courier Software to Grow Your Business

“I have saved a substantial amount of money”

Jim Kostro - A Fast Courier - Delray Beach, FL

Digital Waybill is an exceptional courier software company to work with! From order entry, to dispatching abilities, to the simplicity of exporting into QuickBooks, DWB has been an excellent transition for our courier company.

I have saved a substantial amount of money and at the same time received some of the highest levels of customer service using DWB. My needs are unique and their solutions are both fast and effective. It is also nice to not be locked into a contract. DWB has my 5 star recommendation.

Jim Kostro
General Manager
A Fast Courier
Delray Beach, FL

“I really appreciate that they are always making the software better”

Jeremy Hunt - Accell Courier - St. Paul, MN

Digital Waybill offers a great product that has really enabled our growing company get to the next level. I really appreciate that they are always making the software better with new upgrades being added frequently. I can also vouch for the software's reliability, which is very important in this business!

Jeremy Hunt
Accell Courier
St. Paul, MN

“It’s changed our business dramatically”

Jack Kowalczyk - CPR Carrier Inc. - Ft. Myers, FL.

This software has changed our business dramatically. It has eliminated all of our QuickBooks invoice order entry so we no longer need a part time staff position for this work. The dispatch features are user friendly and accurately track orders from initiation to closeout. Our records are better for our business as well as our customers.

With the latest upgrades and technical support, we anticipate further reductions in workload, which will provide opportunities to expand our business without hiring additional office staff. Great work, Digital Waybill!!

Jack Kowalczyk
CPR Carrier Inc.
Ft. Myers, FL.

“We use it as a sales tool all the time”

Russell Waters - National Courier Service, Inc. – Plymouth, MN

We are quickly coming onto the end of our first full year with Digital Waybill. What a great relationship it has been! Our customers love working with it as do our dispatchers, and we use it as a sales tool all the time. It is by far the finest software in our area.

Our uptime has been nothing short of exceptional, and when we have had issues to resolve, your service technicians have been quick, courteous, and extremely helpful. I would recommend you to anybody but my direct competition. No sense giving them the great tool we have. Their loss.

Russell Waters
National Courier Service, Inc.
Plymouth, MN

“The customer support is great”

Scott Giller - S & S Express Delivery Service – Glendale, AZ

At S & S Express Delivery Service, we use Digital Waybill and we love it. The customer support is great!!! We have had ZERO problems with it.

Scott Giller
S & S Express Delivery Service
Glendale, AZ

“Digital Waybill got it right”

Travis Bippert - Austin Express Couriers - Austin, TX

Hello my name is Travis Bippert with Austin Express Couriers. I have been in the Courier Industry for 15 years. During that time I have seen many software companies attempts at tackling the needs of Couriers. Most of the software out there is too expensive and too complicated. That’s where Digital Waybill got it right. First of all it’s simple to use from every aspect. Installation was quick and easy. Setting up service types and pricing is also a breeze, no matter how complicated your rates may be. Order Entry is simple and fast. The whole interface from order entry to menus to the dispatch board is very clean and easy to use. I love it.

Up until we started using Digital Waybill we did not have online order entry for our clients. I was always worried it would be too costly and complicated. With Digital Waybill it couldn't be easier. Integrating it into your website is super easy, but you DON'T EVEN NEED A WEBSITE to make it work for you. Clients have a link they can use with a password or they can download the Quick Order Entry Tool. This tool sits on their desktop and allows them to quickly add and track deliveries. Many of my clients love the tool and use it daily. There are also other aspects this software that I have never found on others. Like the ability to forward any incoming delivery notifications to a pager or cell phone via text messages. Also dispatching on the run with a laptop is a wonderful feature. Finally, Support. In the rare cases that you may have issues with the software Digital Waybills support team comes through fast and effective. Dealing with their support is a dream compared to other software companies. Product capabilities, price, simplicity and support make Digital Waybill a big winner in my book.

Travis Bippert
Austin Express Couriers
Austin, TX

“Best dispatch and all-around courier software”

Nancy Breeland – Breeland Courier Service – Columbia, SC

Digital Waybill is absolutely the best dispatch and all-around courier software that I have ever used. The user interface is very intuitive. Any company can be up running and productive using this software in a short period of time. Whenever I have had any questions reference the software, their customer support staff has always been available to provide excellent service.

One of the most amazing things that I love about Digital Waybill is their software engineers are always making subtle changes or adjustments based upon the needs of their clients.

Nancy Breeland
Breeland Courier Service
Columbia, SC

“Nothing is comparable to Digital Waybill”

Vic Almeida - Cal Bay Express - Oakland , CA

Ever since we switched to your courier software I have nothing but praised the wonderful product that the team from your company have developed. As you are aware Cal Bay Express has tried other expensive courier software but nothing is comparable to Digital Waybill.

I have saved a lot on manpower time in inputting orders, not to mention the user friendly aspect of your system; it takes no genius to learn the software. Your software is packed with all the features of very expensive courier software but the cost is very affordable.

I’ve had nothing but praise from my clients who are using my online ordering. From the moment they start placing an order up to the final delivery, they are very satisfied in tracking the order and their cost.

Let me extend my gratitude on behalf of my staff.

Vic Almeida
Cal Bay Express
Oakland , CA

“It made our entire business more productive”

Maribeth Aguirre - Rapid Medical Delivery Services Inc - Frankfort, IL

I researched many other dispatching systems before choosing Digital Waybill. Many reasons include the following:

  • seamless Quickbooks integration, my invoicing took hours, now its done in minutes!
  • monthly billing, no long term commitment or large amount of money up front!
  • free trial of the product allowed me to really learn the product not just a presentation before I agreed to it.
  • personal customer support, if they don't answer immediately which is rare,they always respond right back.
  • The remote assistance makes any issues I have, a non issue, they can see exactly what I am talking about.
  • Within the first month of implementing Digital Waybill I received a new customer, just based on the fact that I can visually track my drivers and could show the prospect the system, something they were promised by another courier that never happened.

Digital Waybill has given me more time to sell my services, watch my dispatching department at any moment and made our entire business more productive.

Thank you for your product.

Sincerely, Maribeth Aguirre
Rapid Medical Delivery Services, Inc.
Frankfort, IL

“I am thrilled with Digital Waybill”

Gary L. Burney - On Time Logistics - Springdale, AR

I am thrilled with Digital Waybill. DWB is the third software package we have used at On Time Logistics, and must say that DWB far surpasses the other two in simplicity of function. From order entry to pricing sets, DWB is easy to use and understand. We were looking for software that would perform well in order entry, order tracking, two-way communication with drivers via cell phone and integration with QuickBooks. We also wanted something that would be affordable. We are pleased that DWB functions well in all of these areas.

Order entry is a snap. Set-up of cell phones for order dispatching and tracking is easy and versatile - and not limited to only one service provider! We are thrilled with how simple the QuickBooks interface is to set up and use. It took our last software company 45 days to set up a functional QuickBooks interface and then we got only three pieces of information imported! DWB took all of 5 minutes to set up the interface and imports ALL of the order information in an easy to use one click function.

The company is very responsive to requests for assistance; if I don't get someone on the line immediately, they usually respond in minutes. All tech support personnel are knowledgeable and helpful - and don't talk in highly technical terms, making it easy for just about anyone to understand.

Set-up of the program was simple and accomplished in less than 1 hour. The web order system is easy for our customers to use and understand - they love it!

DWB pricing is extremely affordable and competitive. No hidden fees or extra charges.

The bottom line is the DWB has met and exceeded our expectations!


Gary L. Burney
On Time Logistics
Springdale, AR