Quick and easy for Customers

From the time-saving autocomplete fields to the ability to place orders from an app, Digital Waybill brings ease of use and efficiency to courier software. Your customers will love how simple it is to enter orders, whether at their computer or on the go.

Simple and Intuitive for Dispatchers

Our courier software is filled with features to make entering and managing orders a straightforward process. Orders can be set up as recurring or automatically sent out to a specific driver, and once they’re out for delivery it’s simple to keep track of an order’s status with our real time updates and GPS driver tracking.

Driver Efficiency

The Digital Waybill mobile app makes the delivery process so much smoother for drivers. The app allows drivers to send and receive order updates in real time, scan parcel barcodes, and receive signatures upon completion of order delivery – all without the need for any extra equipment!

Integrated Invoicing with Quickbooks

Digital Waybill’s built-in invoicing and integration with Quickbooks means that you spend less time on tiresome paperwork and more time growing your business – some users report cutting down on their invoicing time by 80%. The Quickbooks integration means that there is no need to import or export files, and invoices can be generated with just the click of a button.

Flexible Pricing

Set up pricing in the way that works best for you – you can customize pricing based on mileage, flat rates, specific customers and zones. Digital Waybill saves you time by automatically calculate prices for you, and the integration with Google Maps means that our software can track mileage automatically.

Grows With Your Business

Whether your business is big or small, our courier software adapts to the size of your business and has endless room for expansion. There’s no limit to the number of drivers and branches that you can add, so you’ll never have to worry about out-growing our courier software. The software can be installed on multiple computers and we run daily backups so your information is always safe.